The Slideout Repair from Marks RV in Fort Myers Florida

Sequence of Events in our attempt to get a leak fixed

NOTE : Marks RV requested that we put their reply letter on this site  .... so to read their reply - click HERE

Original Complaint :  The front slide rollers were broken, causing the slide to drop down when fully extended and thus breaking the top seals seal and causing a leak on the front inside edge.  Estimated repair time - 1 to 2 weeks - Estimated cost $1200

Thursday, May 13 - Fifth wheel delivered to Marks RV

Tuesday, May 17 - Insurance adjuster called and said he would issue a check for repairs - indicated that if there were any additional repairs he would handle those as well - Estimate repair now at $2900 + 

Weds., May 26 - Called to check if parts had arrived and they had not arrived yet

Weds, May 26 - Called Carriage to get the status of parts, date ordered and date shipped.  Order received on May 19, but not shipped till May 26, via FedEx

Tuesday, June 1 - Called Marks RV - parts had just arrived - holiday weekend - going to begin work the next day

Thursday, June 3 - Called to request that they check the batteries as it had been on shore power there and the older Converter would charge the batteries and cause the water level to go down. Was assured, twice, that they would do so

Monday, June 7 - Called to find out that the wrong parts were either ordered or delivered - no one would take the blame for this.

Monday, June 7 - After a call to Marks RV we decided to drive down and see what was happening .. attempting to find out when the new rollers (hopefully the correct ones this time) would arrive ...... Parts person was complacent and not cooperative in giving us an answer .... I lost it and after repeated attempts finally persuaded her to call Carriage and get the correct parts on their way, overnight if necessary.

Tuesday, June 8 - John, parts manager, called to inform us that there was more extensive damage than first indicated and it would be at least another week for repairs - Needed the insurance adjuster to come back out

Thursday, June 10 - Adjuster called said he wrote another check for $1700+   and we asked how long - he indicated another week or so

Friday, June 11 - Called Marks RV to get an estimated date of completion - indicated it would be ready next Thursday, Friday at the latest

Weds June 16  Called, RV should be done tomorrow

Thursday June 17  Got a call late in the afternoon, RV is ready but service shop was closing in an hour so no time to travel there.

Friday June 18  Picked up RV - customer service rep was not very cordial and rather terse and rude .... he expected us to sign over the checks without first checking the RV .... we asked to check it out first .... found RV closed up and in parking area, waiting on us to haul it out.   Everything appeared ok, except the inside smelled very bad and the service manager accused us of having cats in there - we do not nor did we!  Note : This seemed to dissipate, thankfully, after a few days and a full bottle of odor eliminator !  We also checked the batteries and had to add water to half the cells - they were dry! 

Got the RV back home and setup and on shore power.  Put slide out, very slow but went out.  Checked the batteries and they were very hot  indicating shorted plates - had to add additional water.

Friday June 25 - First Rain in a week - it was, admittedly a pretty hard rain - Checked the RV - Was not a happy camper in what I found  - See photos below - the entire front area of the slide's ceiling was leaking, badly - it had never leaked there before, only along the front inside wall

Saturday June 26 - Rechecked batteries - both still getting hot - took to local battery store - both had shorted plates - Two new batteries - Cost $142 -  Also checked Converter - putting out around 6 VDC - Not good - Ordered a new Converter - Cost $184   Battery expert said it was because the batteries had shorted cells causing the Converter to overload and burn out

Final analysis - caulked seam and straightened out seal ( next hard rain - no leak - Hurrah!) - Dried out couch, maybe ok, hopefully the couch cover we had on it absorbed most of the water - replaced the batteries and converter - So, Total Cost for Repair $4900 plus $326 ( out of pocket ) for batteries and converter not to mention the lost $ in reservations we had on our planned trip West - which had to be cancelled.  -  Now just for a little icing on the cake, found the fridge had been left closed without power and was full of mold.  We also had to remove greasy fingerprints from slide out walls and ceiling.

I have to add that the damaged wood restoration looks fairly good, except for the unmatched wood trim, but most of this is hidden repair so no way to tell if, or how well, it was done. 

Overall result : I can only hope that others that have had their repairs done there had better results than we did. Oh, and just to make it all really worthwhile, we attempted to look at the new RVs there and the salesperson blew us off for another potential customer - never once actually attempting to sell us anything, nor be what a salesperson should be, courteous and, well, a salesperson. 

Thursday, July 1, 2004 - Arrived Melbourne Beach RV resort.  Found the Sewer pipe broken off and missing from the center run to the outside. Also found the gas line crushed and pushed up against the floor.  In addition the bathroom vent fan leaks. A call to Marks RV resulted in their stating only that they did not break the sewer pipe or crush the gas line.  

Sunday, July 11, 2004 - Returned home.  Deciding what to do about the situation.

Monday, July 12, 2004 - Rained last night and this morning found puddle of water, inside, on top of slide. Note that slide was IN since arriving home yesterday.  Found main slide seal on top sticking out of top area allowing water intrusion

Friday, July 16, 2004 - Replaced crimped and damaged gas line to heater

Saturday, July 17, 2004 - Installed missing section of sewer pipe, gate valve and end cap.  

August 2004 - Filed a Small Claims against Marks RV ..... hearing set for Sept. 28, 2004

August 13, 2004 - Hurricane Charley hits us ... lots of damage to house and property

Sept. 9, 2004 - Marks RV attorneys filed for Motion to Dismiss case ... hearing set for Sept. 27th

Sept. 26, 2004 - Attorney called in via telecom and convinced the Judge that the Small Claims needed to be

re-filed in Lee County where the RV service is ...  So, put on hold again until after first of year ... too many

things and expenses to do after three hurricanes hit us !

January 1, 2005 - First trip out and slide sounds like a herd of elephants going in and out and still leaks when fully out ... bringing it in a little stops the leaking

January 5, 2005 - Contacted another RV service company to try and get an estimate for repair of the seals and rollers - they said rollers are no longer available ... Hmm, now wondering what Marks RV replaced?

January 5, 2005 - Called insurance company and let them know about the roller situation ... said they would get back 

to me on it .... 


And the saga continues

Slideout Repairs

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